Atelier Crenn’s Launch Party

We celebrated our recent launch with an industry party in January attended by friends and colleagues from the local Bay Area culinary community. Chefs, restaurateurs, food writers, suppliers and Gouge Eye farmers came together and mingled over samplings of Dominique’s dishes including a Lightly poached oyster with sea urchin and apple (pictured below) and her Potato cooked in its own soil with comte cheese and smoked ham hock broth.

We were delighted to observe people’s initial reaction when they entered our newly designed space for the very first time.  After all, we’ve been witnessing the step-by-step transformation for the last nine months, so it was like introducing a new baby.

It’s hard to believe Atelier Crenn has already been open for an entire month, but we know this is just the beginning. If or when you are in the San Francisco area, we look forward to sharing Atelier Crenn with you in person.

For more photos of our industry party, visit HERE

photo credit: Drew Altizer

Atelier Crenn


A lifelong dream and vision of Dominique Crenn, an aspiring chef from Versailles, France, who would sit as a young girl, in her father’s painting workshop (atelier) and admiringly witness her papa’s creative skills and artistry with his canvas and painter’s palette.

Over thirty years later, the dream is now coming to fruition. Still fresh with emotions of heartfelt childhood memories, Dominique, now half way across the globe in San Francisco, is a Michelin-starred chef set to open the doors of her very own culinary atelier.

Instead of paintbrushes and palettes, Dominique Crenn will utilize the seasonal harvest of the farmer’s crops and the inspiration of the ever-changing seasons. The Atelier Crenn workshop will create dishes with passion and appreciation with gifts grown from nature.

With a hand-select group of the finest local purveyors, farmers, foragers and vintners who share a similar foundation of sustainable and seasonal dishes; Atelier Crenn will use only the highest-quality, earth-friendly ingredients. With the marriage of these organic connections, Atelier Crenn is now becoming a reality.

Incredibly excited, yet humbled to be working with their own inner skills and tools in the kitchen, Chef Crenn and team are embarking on an artistic journey with a modern take on fine French cuisine. The plate is the blank canvas, and the ingredients are the paint for her edible artwork.

When you visit Atelier Crenn, take a moment to pause and gaze around at the surrounding dining room walls.  It is there that you will see the artwork of Dominique’s late Papa Crenn.

Atelier Crenn – A gastronomic journey with a focus on the connection of mother nature and the human soul, completing the circle of life.

photo credit: Drew Altizer